Project Description

I have recently begun to produce three-dimensional artworks in Northwest Arkansas. My youth was marked by several summers of mowing lawns for spending money. Later in life, I visited Singapore, Thailand and Australia while serving in the United States Marine Corps. where I was exposed to Bali-Indonesian cultural art production.

I chose to explore Bali-Indonesian cultural art production, their ritual practices and appropriate them into my latest work. I have drawn inspiration from artists such as Nick Cave, and William Cordova who work with readymade objects and reform their functions.

I have applied the animistic and religiously-decorous conventions seen in traditional Indonesian masks and pageantry in my latest work titled, Perusak rumpet. I’ve chosen to explore ordinary 20th century objects of utility and their intended functions. I aimed to reform the function of this readymade object, infuse other building materials and ancient cultural art conventions to bring new and extraordinary meaning to the reformed artwork.

Ultimately, I am interested in exploring  the crossroads between modern-day western culture and the superstitious story-telling conventions of ancient southeast Asia. My goal is to provide a context for viewers to consider how they might be able to add ritual traditions into normal everyday tasks in their lives.