Project Description

Client Overview

The Boston Mountain Grotto exists to provide it’s members the opportunity to learn caving techniques, map and survey caves, network with other cavers in the area, and to preserve the biological ecosystems and natural state of the caves in the Northwest Arkansas region.

The Boston Mountain Grotto promotes safe and responsible caving practices, effective cave and karst management, speleology and conservation. The BMG offers caver camaraderie and networking opportunities and access to information about discoveries and developments in caving, speleology, grotto sponsored projects, expeditions, and surveys.

The BMG makes the world a better by offering certified vertical rope techniques through training with it’s members so that cavers do so safely. Additionally, the BMG performs cave surveys and provides complied data to state and federal agencies regarding the location, conditions, and biological life in these fragile environments.

Creative Brainstorming and Visual Ideation

I approach branding and brand activation from several different approaches. First, I begin with brainstorming and ideation exercises to inform me about the brands aesthetic, personality, and values. Second, I typically start sketching out my concepts based on the information and research gathered. Next, I will put together moodboard that is a collection of typographic selections, photographic aesthetics, color palette options, icon sets, and keyword associations. Finally, I will produce digital comps of the selected logomark and apply it to relatable branding channels to demonstrate the brand activation.