Project Description

Outdoor Sport and Lifestyle Photography

Artist Statement
I have chosen to make my final photography project about outdoor lifestyle with a specific interest in the rock climbing sport and culture. I’ve experienced success working in outdoor settings in my photography and I want to take it further by combining the technical aspects covered during the course this semester. This final project is about having a vision and seeing it through to completion. I want to immerse myself in this culture, be a part of it and act as a photographer within it.

I was able to achieve my goals by making a plan and working within it. Other goals were achieved by applying darkroom techniques. Most notably, I was successful by knowing what angles I wanted to shoot from and working with the climbers to make it happen. I climbed to a perched position on a rock climbing route along with my camera. From this position, I was able to capture the expression and state of mind and body of climbers from a more satisfying perspective.

Technical aspects enhanced my goals by planning specific images for techniques during the shoot and after development in the darkroom. Some technical aspects include using depth of field to have a clear focus on my subjects and not on the surrounding environment. This treatment allowed me to inform to the viewer what is important in the image. Dodging and burning in the darkroom also enhanced my goals for this project. I had been challenged by bright natural lighting that was blowing out details in my subjects. Dodging and burning enhanced those details and ultimately provided for more satisfying images.

My final project is about capturing the essence and character of the people and environment surrounding the sport and lifestyle of rock climbing. Conceptually, I planned to stay aware of what the natural light situation was providing me, work with my group of rock climbers and determine the best way to direct them as needed. The people who make up this culture are bright and beaming. They are positive and supportive to friends and strangers alike. I wanted to capture these moments of physical strength for the individual climbers. I want to share the excitement and support these people have within this sport and lifestyle. This project achieves that goal because I able to share it with the world.

Project Statement