Project Description

The Sole of Branding
The representation of Rubbersole contributes to the brand and visual identity. The visual identity takes the core values of the 60s counter-culture era and gives them form, shape, and substance using a combination of colors, graphics and words. Branding the movements and culture that existed during the 60s era is not unlike branding any product, service or corporation. The Rubbersole brand is a promise that delivers a relevant and distinctive value to our customers. Branding Rubbersole is the way we communicate about being active socially, recreationally and politically.

This includes:
• The look of graphic communications
• The way we interact with the public
• The experiences our brand offers

Download the Rubbersole Identity Manual here.

Rubbersole Mission, Vision, Values, and Personality Traits

Mission Statement
Rubbersole is a unique shoe company that provides footwear that not only functions in active use but also provides to all men and women that are young at mind, body and soul their own casual expression of style.
Vision Statement
Personality Traits

Creative Brainstorming and Visual Ideation

I approach branding and brand activation from several different approaches. First, I begin with brainstorming and ideation exercises to inform me about the brands aesthetic, personality, and values. Second, I typically start sketching out my concepts based on the information and research gathered. Next, I will put together moodboard that is a collection of typographic selections, photographic aesthetics, color palette options, icon sets, and keyword associations. Finally, I will produce digital comps of the selected logomark and apply it to relatable branding channels to demonstrate the brand activation.