Project Description

Client Overview

Simply You Massage is a business specializing in the practice of therapeutic massage. Rachael McKeethen, who is the owner/operator of the business focuses on four areas of massage therapy. They are Medical/Sports Massage, Myo-Fascial Decompression, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Essential Oil Therapy.

I was hired by Rachael to update the Simply You Massage logo and to prepare it in such a way that it could be applied in various marketing efforts. Additionally, I was tasked with developing, designing and launching the Simply You Massage website. Click here to visit the website and schedule an appointment. I had decided to preserve the work from the existing logo in order to keep a high level of familiarity with Rachael’s current massage clients. I typically begin every project with a brainstorming and ideation process. “Simplicity” emerged as a primary theme from this process.

The final logo suite included a vector and raster version in a vertical and horizontal lock-up system. I tested the final logos to explore the ultimate usability across various branding channel examples. I proceeded to develop and design the Simply You Massage website after Rachael had approved the final versions of the logo. The website was successfully launched in December of 2015.

Creative Brainstorming and Visual Ideation

I approach branding and brand activation from several different approaches. First, I begin with brainstorming and ideation exercises to inform me about the brands aesthetic, personality, and values. Second, I typically start sketching out my concepts based on the information and research gathered. Next, I will put together moodboard that is a collection of typographic selections, photographic aesthetics, color palette options, icon sets, and keyword associations. Finally, I will produce digital comps of the selected logomark and apply it to relatable branding channels to demonstrate the brand activation.
Creative brainstorming and logo sketches
Before sketching and designing digital comps I perform a set of brainstorming and ideation exercises. This process brings out the essence I want to communicate through my visual design efforts. “Simplicity, calm, healing and relaxation” stood out to me after the exercises had been completed. From this process I decided to apply a flat design scheme and a cool color palette. The original logo incorporated the use of circles in the design. I followed in that thinking and decided to use the simple shape in the updated logo. Additionally, I chose to us the typeface, Century Gothic, for the business name that made up part of the logomark.
Icon sketches
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