Project Description

Client Overview

Recently, I led a small student team on the research, information architecture, and user experience design of a unmanned aerial vehicle/drone startup project, which resulted in the user experience documents for an iPad app.

The final deliverables for this project included a printed research book and powerpoint presentation. The two documents contained a business description, target audience, user research, user personas, user actions & app screen lists, user flows, and sketch & digital app screen wireframes.

Creative Brainstorming and Visual Ideation

I approach branding and brand activation from several different approaches. First, I begin with brainstorming and ideation exercises to inform me about the brands aesthetic, personality, and values. Second, I typically start sketching out my concepts based on the information and research gathered. Next, I will put together moodboard that is a collection of typographic selections, photographic aesthetics, color palette options, icon sets, and keyword associations. Finally, I will produce digital comps of the selected logomark and apply it to relatable branding channels to demonstrate the brand activation.
Creative brainstorming and logo sketches
Icon sketches
Email Campaign
App Development Presentation
High Fidelity App Wireframe